The Coronavirus is only good for the online casino business

Even the mighty United States online sports betting movement couldn’t hold up to the Coronavirus health crisis. All of the major sporting events are closed until further notice in both Canada and the USA.

Everyone is shut-in inside their homes (and probably going a bit crazy at this point, lets face it). Fortunately the internet casinos have started releasing some rather generous Canada casino bonuses for CA players.

So far, it seems like casino real money gambling sites might be the only beneficiaries of this dreadful Coronavirus disease threatening us all at this present moment in time.

My parents and my mother-in-law are all in there’s upper 70’s so its scary this COVID-19 could be harmful to them.

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My dad is the one who taught me how to play blackjack. However, I’m too aggressive of a player for him so he can’t play with me sadly it is to say. He is a brilliant basic strategy player through and through.

I’m a methodical card counter, card shuffle tracker and like to make more advanced math strategies and complex mathematical decisions when I play black jack.

Normally I don’t get to see too many fair chance because I’m a known card counter. Most casinos are only found of me because I play for fun and not really there to make money. Although, my skill level is certainly high enough and I win a good percentage of my black jack hands (around 58% approximately).

You know what, I’m not giving up. I’m going go back for another black jack fight (after the Coronavirus passes (COVID 19) and the gambling locals open up for business again). Next time I’ll play smarter.

For a little experience I went to the local casino the other day knowing they would be dead empty, thinking it might create a little playing opportunity for me to enjoy.

It actually did give me the peace of mind and gambling freedom I was hoping it would, however I usually don’t stop gambling until the bankroll is gone unfortunately.

I guess I need to improve my bankroll management skills and start walking away once I get up with a sweet handsome profit on the casino next visit.

Until then, I’ll have some fun playing 777 free slots online Gamble Rock.

I hope every stays safe and stay inside until this passes. It seems so overboard on some level but its not work risking the lives of anyone at high risk. Get better soon! We fight COVID-19 together…

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